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Maybe you already subscribe to Youtube video channels in order not to miss any of the latest news from your favourite video-maker. In any case, not to be outdone, video games have also adopted using this forum and in fact more and more people now watch video game reviews or analysis directly on Youtube.
Although Ninja a celebrity gamer, found success with video games by using this platform, like many other people he also streams on Mixer because it pays more.

Video’s economic model

The notion of watching a video on the internet still seems to refer connecting to YouTube. That’s normal because, after Google, YouTube is one of the most searched sites in the world. YouTube’s business model is simple:
  • The more a particular channel is viewed, the more opportunities there are for YouTube ads to be profitable,
  • YouTube redistributes a portion of its advertising revenue to the user.
But simply by using this model alone, it’s impossible for even the biggest YouTubers to make a living. The real challenge is managing to entice visitors to go to your website (or blog) in order to monetize, for example, with tie-ins or even to sell sponsored content.

So achieving success will require using videos as a way to form a community of fans, forge connections with other videographers (featurings) and then bringing that community to Twitch and continuing to monetize even more by offering sponsored content.

Video suggestions

There are two main avenues for gamers to explore.

The one that seems to be the easiest, but also the most competitive, is to use Let's play. This involves filming yourself while playing a game that you’ve recently discovered or one where you’re already an expert. You’ll need to assert your own personal style and use only the most profitable video game streaming platforms. But be warned, the competition is fierce.

MThe other option is to create more “intellectual” and edited content. Your video game will then serve as a starting point for a more detailed discussion, for telling a fascinating story or possibly even for outreach. Success won’t be guaranteed unless you offer something unique and interesting. A major challenge with this alternative is that it will become more difficult to regularly release videos, and therefore get suitable payment for your efforts.


Without being a professional video editor and having only basic equipment fans can still quickly produce videos that will attract audiences. Even though it’s still very competitive, there’s no need to have a million subscribers to earn a bit of money with videos if you’ve got a great personality.
Even so, this activity still requires a bit of work to produce something that looks professional but nevertheless it could be a real springboard for earning money from a passion for video games.

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