Earn money by sharing your knowledge of video games

If there really is a way to earn money that’s fun (if you’re the kind of person that likes sharing), then this is it.
Besides you’re already sharing just by visiting forums or by making comments. Maybe now is the time to kick things into high gear.

Hosting a blog/forum on video games

If you regularly contribute to video game forums and you want to share your experience, tips or news it might be valuable to host your own site. A blog is a format that’s very suitable for writing short articles on different topics. Bloggers can control their content and receive comments from visitors, just like with this site. Without getting into the technical details about hosting your own internet site, using a free blog platform is not recommended.
Basically, you won’t be free to personalize the display and advertising banners will be placed on your site. Having your own site requires some degree of expertise with technology but nevertheless, it’s still an inexpensive options (hosting options and domain names are available for less than 10€ per month).

The content of your blog may be very varied or specialized. Bloggers can provide coverage on anything imaginable such as gaming halls, game testing, player tips, or they can even hold debates and analyze characters …

Monetization all depends on internet visibility (roughly speaking your number of site visits). Once your site is up and running, it’s important to start promoting it on the internet by providing a link on comment pages of other blogs or on forums.
Make no mistake, however, owning your own site requires a lot of time but pays very little. The easiest way to monetize your site is to allow advertising (be careful which sites you advertise) but users may also sell sponsored posts (someone from management will contact you if your site has sufficient visibility) or enter into partnerships.

Being a freelancer or writing articles

First of all, a blog can be used as a resumé. In the world of video games, mastering web and social media tools is a definite asset.
A freelancer is an independent writer who offers their articles to print magazines or online. Their articles may be purchased (for a few dozen euros) and then published as is or modified. The freelancer is considered an independent author.

LWorking as a freelancer is usually the launch pad to becoming a writer for a magazine. It will require contacting several magazines or tracking employment offers. Have a look at this list to start.
Beware however, that there are many video game or technology fans who produce engaging content everyday. Attracting attention means having the ability to combine professionalism and as well as having something different to offer.

Selling guides

If you’re an expert, you might want to think about writing and selling your own guide. The most common form is an e-book.
Cette pratique n'est pas très développée en France alors qu'elle fait un succès aux Etats-Unis. Il y a donc du potentiel car les bons conseils ou guides complets ne sont pas tous libre d'accès sur internet où on trouve beaucoup de bêtises et où on passe beaucoup de temps à chercher.
This practice is still evolving although it has achieved some success in the United States. So this option has great potential because good advice or thorough guides are not always freely accessible on the internet where a lot of time is wasted searching for content that ends up being full of nonsense.

Power leveling or MMORPG strategy guides sell well (10 to 15€ each) because they save precious time for their readers. Here’s an example of a specialized site called Killer Guides from the US. The hardest part about selling guides is finding an audience: specialized blogs (maybe your own) or even ebay have great growth potential.

Sharing videos (streaming)

This topic is addressed in a separate article since it covers a lot of ground. But as part of a site or a blog, original content can quickly help you achieve success.

Now it’s up to you to spread your wings and try a solo adventure. What have you got to lose? All you need is about 10 euros to build your own internet site but your biggest investment will be time (and that’s a question of priorities).

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