ESports betting is great for fun but not for winning money

Within the world of video games I realize that there’s a subject I haven’t covered yet. I’ve already discussed betting on yourself at video games (it’s ends up being a lot of work) but it’s also possible to bet on your favourite team’s victory during international eSports tournaments like League Of Legends, Starcraft, DOTA2,…the list goes on and other players probably more than I do about which eSports games are the most popular.
Be warned, however, that since this involves betting, that mean’s it’s also possible to lose money. It’s just like with any other form of sports betting.

Team Fnatic

In fact, betting on a game between Heroes Of The Storm on Starcraft2 is exactly like betting on an Arsenal / Chelsea matchup. Both events feature odds, tournaments, intermediary bets and other specific kinds of bets. Not only do bookmakers handle both events in the same way on the same platforms but they also stream the games live on Twitch.

Who are the best bookmakers for eSports betting?

Internet reviews from experts consistently mention two very quality bookmakers for these kinds of matches. First, there’s the famous Pinnacle, , a bookmaker considered to be a rainmaker in terms of sports betting odds and then there’s MrXbet, who’s been stealing the spotlight for many years now and continues to be highly appealing. Among the top bookmakers, there’s also giants like Sbobet and Bet365, but like with Pinnacle, it’s a nightmare trying to register. Here’s an excellent up-to-date list of eSports bookmakers if you’d like to find out more or just to stay informed.

Which sites are the best?

This is the best option because registration is immediate and you’ll be able to bet easily by going to the left column at the top under the “Virtual” tab. There’s no need to use a broker or a VPN, or worse, to lie about your identity.

The bad options for eSports betting

  • A broker: Strictly speaking, this isn’t a bad option. It involves entrusting your money to a bookmaker who will place bets on your behalf. The intermediary then takes a commission. One of the best bookmakers right now is AsianConnect88. Users can bet on holy grail sites like Pinnacle and Sbobet. So this option seems good on paper but in practice it means opening and managing more accounts and also taking foreign bonus terms into consideration. Personally, I prefer minimal use of an intermediary. That said, this option seems legal on paper since using a broker isn’t prohibited.
  • A VPN: This feature makes it appear as if a user is betting from another country by modifying their IP address. There’s a monthly fee for this service and any of the free ones available tend to be slow, the connection sometimes drops and soon you’ll want to tear your hair out Hidemyass and IPVanish are reputable VPN providers but don’t use them! Sure, with this system you’ll be able to connect to betting sites but you’ll still have to declare living outside your country of residence in order to register. This brings us to the final very, very unwise option:
  • Lying about your identity: Cleverly, you think to yourself that all you need to do is register by stating that you’re Belgian (not recommended; their market is also regulated) or German (also unwise), or Dutch (just as bad) … but you’ll find out soon enough. And certainly, your registration will be validated with your false address and you’ll start placing bets and you’ll be proud of your resourcefulness until it comes time to withdrawing your winnings because then you’ll have to prove your residency with an associated bank account. GAME OVER. Don’t take chances with this because bookmakers will not reimburse you at all and your money will be lost.


Players can always complain about the fact that their country hasn’t opened its market to eSports betting and wait or they can simply begin wagering with the only service that currently allows them to do it without lying or using an intermediary: Mrxbet (working link).
If you know of any other tips, feel free to share them.

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