Winning live video game tournaments

It goes without saying that any hope of winning a live eSports tournament will demand exceptional skill at a popular game like Counter-Strike, StarCraft 2, DotA, Fifa, Lol or, of course, Fortnite. Although some developers organize their own tournaments, there are also some international-scale independent tournaments like la WorldCup Fortnite that are also quite good.

Becoming mercenary player?

While it’s possible to find independent tournaments like Fifa, CS or Street Fighter or any other tournaments where individual participation is permitted, this activity is sporadic and the personal expenses involved must be taken into consideration. These tournaments usually start with a highly competitive online selection process; if you are chosen then you’ll have to travel on-site to the match at your own expense. The winnings are not always enormous: the winner receives a few thousand euros but there are hardly any paid spots for the rest of the players.
On the other hand, getting yourself noticed during these tournaments is possibly one of the best ways to become a pro player. Don’t wait too long though because after age 30 a person’s reflexes start to diminish.

Becoming a pro player

Becoming a pro player requires training and finding a team or a sponsor. If a player is really good at a popular game then that happen eventually. The real issue is knowing if it’s worth the trouble investing in the experience because spending time playing video games is, in a sense, like mortgaging one’s future because the retraining options aren’t always obvious.

How much does a pro player earn?

A distinction must be made between pro Asian, American and European players. Pro Asian players, called gosu in South Korea, are considered real stars. In that country, games are broadcast on television and seen by millions of viewers – In 2010, a Starcraft 2 player from the KeSPA team announced winning $250,000 per year anyway. American players take advantage of the breadth of their country-continent to organize some very large-scale tournaments, and in the business world pro players are pampered.
Since 2017, earnings for pro players have exploded. In 2019, Epic Games distributed a record 100 million dollars in prizes during the competition season. This tournament, in addition to those already dedicated to DOTA 2, is a turning point that has really given video games professional status.

Another substantial source of income comes from streaming. Many teams or players can generate revenue from ads published on Twitch or Mixer on the number of views they receive. Similarly, if a player is popular they can make money with a website or by making videos.

By becoming famous for their skills some streamers earn a fortune from sponsors by advertising their products.

After a player’s career ends

There are very few pro players over 30 years old. To be a pro player is exhausting and each year the competition grows more intense. By all accounts, being a professional video game player isn’t a lifelong profession. A natural career progress might be to become an event organizer, commentator, webmaster or eSports team trainer … which are all rather precarious professions.
But provided that a player has achieved some degree of fame, a career in streaming seems to be a good alternative.

An example of an unanticipated yet successful transition

Since playing video games demands concentration, sharp reflexes and foresight, ElkY went from being a pro Starcraft player to being a pro poker player. His progression resulted from a very simple observation; he could win twice as much at poker than he could during an eSports championship. And he proved it by winning millions during the Pokerstars international poker tournament.

Is this the right path?

Finally, becoming a pro player requires spending the majority of your time training and the rest of it contacting sponsors and getting yourself noticed. You’ll also need to create videos and maybe even set up your own website.
There are no guarantees as to the outcome. Perhaps ultimately, for the best of the best, the easiest option might be to bet on yourself.

Think about it.

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