Betting on your video game skills to earn money

It must be clearly understood that this method of winning money is based on wagers using real money. This has some very important implications:

  • When money is wagered, money may be lost. Never bet money that’s required elsewhere,
  • In order to bet a person must be the age of majority and able to confirm their identity,
  • All gambling involves the risk of addiction. Learn more here.

Betting rules

Skill-based betting involves competing in a game played directly on a console or computer but players are required to have previously bet on the match on a platform. The platform owner will be responsible for distributing money to the winner and for settling potential disputes.
You can only bet on your own victory against another player. These kinds of bets take the form of duels or tournaments (series of duels).

Competing legally

Betting is only possible on games that do not involve chance and where the gaming conditions are the same for all players.
Consequently, a player’s skill is the only determining factor. Since this legal framework does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission (because there is no element of chance), players will need to register only on platforms that they trust. This also means that participants may compete against players from all over the world and even register on foreign platforms.

Games available

In theory almost any game that does not involve chance may qualify. In practice, however, the selection mostly includes only the biggest and most popular video games.
Almost all games that organize eSports tournaments are represented. Here are some of the top picks:
  • Fifa, PES, NHL, Madden,
  • Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Street Fighter, Fortnite,
  • Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Dota 2, League Of Legends, Heroes of the Storm,
  • Gran Turismo, Rocket League,...

The list goes on. For example, some platforms specialize in sports simulation games like those developed by Electronic Arts while others focus on eSports games.

Trusted platforms

Here’s a list of some of the sites that allow betting on video games (most recent update, May 2019). Note that American platforms are heavily represented and use the dollar as their currency. Users will then have to pay exchange fees to play on these platforms.
Registration is free on all these platforms which are used by thousands of players.
  • GamerSaloon => They’re one of the oldest American platforms and the only one that allows competing with real money. They have a vast selection of games available including: Fortnite, Madden, Apex, Mortal Kombat, COD, PES, LOL...
  • Worldgaming => This is the number 1 American platform. But it does not permit playing with real money. That’s where most players in the world go and they host some great tournaments.

Is it really possible to win money?

Yes, but there are restrictions. First of all, it’s useless to try to cheat. Each player can report an opponent and if that person cheats, they will be banished and lose all money in their account.
It might seem obvious that the best players will win the most often. In fact this is not necessarily true. The pressure of a match with financial stakes can make anyone crack. Additionally these sites try to offer matches where both players are at the same level (based on previous matches played on the platform). If a “good” player goes up against a “bad” one, then wagers will not be even so that the “good” player will win less (but will win just the same).
So then those who are good at Fifa will quickly be pitted against other good players and competition will be more of a challenge.

All these platforms make their money by charging a percentage on all wagers placed (<10%). As a result, if you win as many matches as you lose in constant bets, you’ll earn less money.
Tournaments are an excellent way for good players to earn several hundreds euros in a matter of a few hours. But tournaments haven’t reached the point where they can offer really big cashes.

This method of earning money has its pros and cons. It’s worthwhile investigating but always keep in mind that it’s also possible to lose money.

What do you think of this method?

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