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Swap-Transfer has taken on a major challenge: combining a hobby or a passion that may occasionally be completely lucrative.

This section will attempt to examine, as thoroughly as possible, all the available or potential ways to earn money by playing video games, for all kinds of media.

Gold and item farming

This method of generating revenue is extremely time-consuming and is a bit like playing the lottery : you never know what you might stumble on.

This activity is encouraged for some games but won’t lead to the promised land. Read the following …

Winning live eSports tournaments

It’s clear that this method is reserved for elite players and is limited to games that have the highest visibility. However there are more and more pro players due to the popularization of some games and the fact that videos are widely broadcast on the internet.

The follow is an overview of some of the video games that attract sponsorship as well as an examination of the game’s top professional players. Read the following …

Creating videos : episodes, lets play or posting comments

There are growing legions of fans who subscribe to specialty video game channels in order to get the latest tips, follow the pros or just simply to have fun.

These new professions are in a period of rapid growth and while there is money to be made, some investment will be required. Only those sources with real potential will be examined. Read the following …

How and where to bet on eSports

Be warned, this involves betting money that your favourite team will win an international tournament or official competition. So it’s possible that you may lose money.

Esports betting is similar to other forms of sports betting but the way to place bets is not immediately obvious, this section provides all the necessary information. Read the following …

Betting on yourself playing on a gaming console

Since there are some video games that do not involve chance, some corporations organize matches between players that take the form of bets.
During these bouts, each player bets an identical amount and the winner gets to pocket the winnings. Everything is done with real money and is legal in every country.

Be careful, betting money means accepting the possibility of losing it. Read the following …

Becoming a beta tester

It should be pointed out that there are very few developers who offer to pay beta testers who are not among the “elite” of professionals players.

How to join the ranks of the privileged few? Read the following …

Sharing your knowledge

Hosting a blog, becoming a freelancer or writing a gaming guide are just some of the avenues to explore for those who want to make the most of their passion.

We’ve tried to provide a comprehensive list of the best sites around if this path interests you. Read the following …

Investing in the collector’s market

Retro games are highly sought-after and game cassettes can sometimes sell for a fortune due to the fact that they are rare. That’s because of collectors who purchase games in blister packs and never open or play them.

In any case, in a market where the demand is greater than the supply, there’s always money to be made. Read the following …

Have any other ideas to share?

Feel free to share your knowledge on this topic and to reveal any of the innovative ways you may have discovered to earn money from your passion for video games.

This page is reserved for your comments. Read the following …

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